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“NOVEMBER 18. Woke up quite fresh after a good night’s rest, andfeel quite myself again. I am satisfied a life of going-out and Society is not a life for me; we therefore declined the invitation which we received this morning to Miss Bird’s wedding. We only met her twice at Mrs James’s, and it means a present. Lupin said: “I am with you for once. To my mind a wedding’s a very poor play. There are only two parts in it – the bride and brideroom. The best man is only a walking gentelman. With the exception of a crying father and a snivelling mother, the rest are supers who have to dress well and have to pay for their insignificant  parts in the shape of costly presents.” I did not care for the theatrical slang, but thought it clever, though disrespectful.

George and Weedon Grossmith – The diary of a nobody


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